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Anonymous asked:
Obey: kiss Beast Boy :|

[ Imma put it here because his account is inactive ^^ and I don’t have a romantic relationship with any other BB ]

Jinx walked up to Beast Boy, her pink hair temporarily dyed black and wearing a mask that covered the upper half of her face.

"Uhm.  I’m a fan of the Teen Titans … just … hold still."  She commanded harshly before grabbing him and pulling him in for a kiss.  It started out as just a gentle kiss, but their tongue flickered against the other’s lips for just the briefests of seconds.

Beast Boy pulled away to catch his breath, and Jinx came to her senses, backing up quickly.  

"Thanks for the kiss, Jinx!"

"… What?!  I’m not … how did you-"

"I recognize the way your lips feel after all these ship kisses."


[ ………….mun: //shot ]

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